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 | Post date: 2021/03/23 | 
Maryam Jozghorbani, Mojtaba Fathi, Sayed Habib Kazemi, Navid Alinejadian
Determination of Carcinoembryonic Antigen as a Tumor Marker Using a Novel Graphene- Based Label-free Electrochemical Immunosensor.

Mohammad Taheria , Mohammad Taghi Akbarib , Mohammadreza Ostadalic , Amir Ali Hamidieh , Hamid Fallah , Mahdi Shadnoushg , Shahram Arsang - Jangh ,Soudeh Ghafouri - Fardi ,  Arezou Sayad 
Assessment of association between HL Aalleles and acquired aplastic anemia in Iranian population.

Mohammad Jamshidi, Gholamreza Farnoosh, Somayeh Mohammadi Pour, Fatemeh Rafiee, Ali Saeedi Boroujeni and Mohammad-Reza Mahmoudian-Sani
Genetic variants and risk of thyroid cancer among Iranian patients.

Ghafouri-Fard S.Asadi M.Sohrabi B., Mehravaran E, Arsang-Jang S, Taheri M.Samsami M
Down-regulation of a panel of immune-related lncRNAs in breast cancer.

Ghafouri-Fard, S.Eghtedarian, R.Hussen, B.M., Motevaseli E, Arsang-Jang S.Taheri, M.
Expression Analysis of VDR-Related LncRNAs in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Taheri, M.Younesi, Z.Moradi, S., Honarmand Tamizkar K, Razjouyan K, Arsang-Jang S, Ghafouri-Fard, S.Neishabouri, S.M.
Altered expression of CCAT1 and CCAT2 lncRNAs in autism spectrum disorder.

Tahmasebi S.Elahi R.Khosh E.Esmaeilzadeh A.
Programmable and multi-targeted CARs: a new breakthrough in cancer CAR-T cell therapy.

Mohamadian, M.Chiti, H.Shoghli, A., Biglari A, Parsamanesh, N.Esmaeilzadeh, A.
COVID-19: Virology, biology and novel laboratory diagnosis.

Taheri, M.Honarmand Tamizkar, K.Omrani, S., Arsang-Jang S, Ghafouri-Fard, S.Omrani, M.D.
MEG3 lncRNA is over-expressed in autism spectrum disorder.

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